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This quote below gets deleted in every single "slot expert" channel, why?

Quote: Regulation 14.040(2)

"A correctly operating RNG gives players confidence in the gaming system and insures against unjustified player complaints.

Nevada Gaming Control Board / iTechLabs among others.


"The 'free' points with Player Cards"

Most slot players believe they will get "free play" with their player cards. However, this free play or money rewards are not free at all.

While you are spinning those reels a small amount of the money you bet will be added to your player card. This is a part of the losing spin outcomes. You won't notice this happening, and this is how you get points, 'free' money or 'free' play. And so this is not free at all because you are paying for your own 'free' points/money/play, and all while the casino gets you to use a player card, but why do they want you to use a player card? Think about it!

The casinos are fooling you to believe they will award you with 'free' points on your player card to get you to use a player card. And while you are using your player card they get a whole lot of information about you and your gambling. Then they use this information for their benefit, and against you.

No casino will ever give away anything for free, but you believe they do. In the end you as the gambler will pay for it all sooner or later while believing the casino is being nice to you when they actually want you to lose more of your hard earned money.

DO NOT trust anything that seems to be free, because it is not.

SLOTS - The Truth Revealed


This is the second book written by me.

In it you will find out about randomness, patterns, reverse engineering, the dangerous wars about randomness carried out by the so called slot "experts" or "game gurus" etc.

I will also dig really deep into the story of "Alex - The Russian casino hacker", because that is one story I don't believe is real, and I sure do try to find out. However, some parts of this story has some truth too, believe it or not. In this book I contact those who has anything to do with this "Alex". How it played out? Well, it's in the book.

Here's a preview (click the book above for a few more quotes from this book):

"For me to even think about explaining the slots, fruit machines, VLT’s or whatever you like to call them; I need to tell you my thoughts about what randomness really is, especially regarding the software/server controlled games, like the slots or other games.

I want to give you an image of how complicated the subject ”random” is, because once you understand that, you will also understand that the word used by all those who call them selves ”slot experts” of any kind, really doesn’t know the true meaning of the word ”random”. If they did, they wouldn’t use this word as ”proof” that the slots are fair."


The first book written by dr.Slots called "SLOTS - The Truth Revealed(?)" has now been released for all of you who are interested in the actual truth regarding slots.

This book is really something else, and not like any other book about software and server controlled slots and other games. My worst enemy that started it all is the myth and saying; "slots are 100% random!". And the evil that came with server controlled games (and player cards) really is horrible to any gambler out there. Even worse is it that people believe the slots are 100% random, when actually the control is closer to 100%. This belief makes it harder for people to actually see the real truth, to question the fairness, to forget that slots are random. This is the reason to why the PRNG exists.

Do yourself a favor and re-think what you've been told about randomness and luck regarding slots, because you'll learn the actual truth; that you've been fooled for a very long time.