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From the Youtube channel owned by Willy Allison, you can read this:

Quote: Attacking a Slot Machine's RNG

"Slot machines installed with non-complex RNGs can be beaten by high-tech devices and prediction algorithms.".

Like ALL so called slot experts, he is trying to tell people that the PRNG is really, really important, when it is not at all. This guy deleted ALL the proof I wrote in the comments section of his Youtube channel. I find it kind of funny!

It all started with someone saying to me "It's all random" a long time ago...

But first, let me say that I am a software developer (a programmer) and has been working in the field of hardware, computers/servers since around the 90's, and I am very logical as a person, so much actually that I am well above normal in IQ-tests, especially when it comes to logical thinking.

I also know graphics, photo, video, audio, music and all that comes with it, like editing video and photos, recording and mixing regarding music and sound and so on. There's more information about me in the book "SLOTS - The Truth Revealed(?)" and it is available on the Apple book store now.

Anyway, I started to get really interested in the subject "Random" in software/server controlled slots and other game types, and how it was supposed to insure slot gamblers that the outcomes were not manipulated, and that it was fair and a hundred percent random. This is not true at all. As soon as any value or number is presented with certainty regarding any game, the true randomness is gone. You cannot have a slot game to be 100% random when for example the RTP or Hit Frequency numbers are presented with certainty, because if that is the case, then the Random Number Generator is programmed and used in the wrong way, hence the slots have controlled randomness. There MUST BE control, people, because without it the casinos them selves would be gambling, but they don't because they do run a business that needs economical control. Why is this so hard for the gamblers out there to understand?

As I was researching this, more subjects and questions regarding gambling on software and server controlled games (mostly slots) started to arise. By reading through technical documents regarding game regulations at the Nevada Gaming Control Board I quickly realized the slots are not that fair as they're supposed to be, but as I said earlier, there's a reason for this, and it's called business; companies must make sure they make money, and don't lose money by gambling them selves, which they would do without that important economical control.

Because I know programming, this was of great interest to me, so as I kept on reading I found out how they can say it is all random, when it is not. Because of how they have written the regulations to follow by game developers and casinos, I started to see how they are trying to hide where the control over the slots will happen in the software. The Gaming Control Board(s) try to show anyone who reads their regulations that "everything from when a spin is initiated to the end of the spin" is what matters the most and that it must be regulated and explained. But this is the least interesting part of how a game developer can design and program a game. And also, this is what the "slot experts" are using to spread how a slot machine "works". This is so far from the actual truth, let me tell you.

For example; the Nevada Gaming Control board focus on everything that happens from the time the player initiates a spin to when the outcome is displayed; they say this is all random, and I don't say it is not. But in between the spins, when no game is active and the slot or roulette game is in the IDLE state (no game running) it is just like changing the number on one or more sides on one or more dices being used in a board game. It will still be a random outcome in every single throw, and the probability regarding the actual sides of the dices will be the same, but the numbers on one or more sides will change, and this behavior will create a controlled randomness. You can compare this with the reel strips (virtual reel strips) where each game element has a place holder on the reel strip. All stops will be there, but the game elements will change over time. So you see, this is how the software/server controlled games are controlled, with controlled randomness in the end of each spin. And NOTHING will manipulate the random selection process, because it's not interesing to anyone!

They try so hard not to show what's happening during the idle state, when no spin/game is active. There's so much happening regarding the control of the slots, and that's where it all becomes controlled randomness. Of course, the outcome is always random, but what good is a Random Number Generator when the source of which the numbers are used to select game symbols (game elements) is in fact manipulated and changes over time? The only good the Pseudo Random Number Generator is doing is to make it all seem random, and to keep the "unjustified gambler complaints" away, as the Nevada Gaming Control Board puts it.

Will it matter that a random number generator spits out millions of large numbers every millisecond? Is the "testing" of the Pseudo RNG really important? NO, it doesn't matter at all, because the Pseudo-RNG will not decide what you are ABLE to win, this is done by logical functions before each spin. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, one of the functions of the Pseudo-RNG is to get rid of "unjustified gambler complaints", and so this I can see is the actual truth, to insure gamblers everything is 100% random, when it's in fact controlled randomness. Dr. Slots says it is partly random, but the result of the outcome is controlled by logical functions happening before the random selection process in the software of the slots/servers, as described above.

And of course there is control (duh), because otherwise the casinos would be gambling them selves,

and that would not be a good situation from a business point of view.

So for me, I just want the truth to be told to all people who are gambling not knowing what the terms are on which they decide to gamble or not. There's unfair statements that hides the real, actual truth, and what's worse is that peple really believe that slots and other server/software controlled games are all a hundred percent random.

Dr. Slots say...

Why not just ADMIT to the people that it is controlled randomness?

Let people (gamblers) know the actual terms on which they decide to gamble!

There's a lot more information about this, and about me in my book "The Truth Revealed?" if you are interested in me, and also if you want to learn more about the "slot experts", the casino industry, untrue myths, regulations, functions, and of course learn more about the slots and other software/server controlled games, then you should read it.

Thank you for showing interest in me and the thoughts and products of dr.Slots.