BY dr. Slots


Quotes from the new book, 2021 - 2022;

"Since the slots are almost 100 percent controlled (equals controlled randomness), it is possible to find several ways to figure out how the slots are designed and programmed. I will of course explain how the pseudo random number generator is used, and how the control of the PRNG is achieved. I will explain this because I want you to understand what controlled randomness is, because it is important in this war about randomness, and the war against the whole casino industry and the so called slot experts."

"The regulations are written in such a way that the RNG in fact must deliver true randomness, and it will always do that, but the regulations give the game developers room to control the slots as much as they want by being able to use controlled randomness. This has nothing to do with the random numbers being generated, but it has everything to do with how the randomly generated numbers are being used.

And so the random selection event is something that happens after the RNG has done its job. But this is all called the RNG (PRNG) and the RNG-function and so on. So when the ”slot experts” says it is all random, they actually only talk about the random number generator as an isolated function in the software of the slot game/server. And the RNG will of course always deliver pseudo random numbers."

"About the balance between the total randomness and the total economical control; There is no total randomness if there is economical control, and if there’s total randomness then there is no economical control. It is either or, it is true or false, just like black and white, and even one bit=0 or one bit=1. There is no in-between. This means that when the game developers and the casinos choose total economical control, they also removed the total randomness from the outcomes. This is what my statistical charts and the data in them are showing, and this is why it looks like there is no random number generator, and this is why there always will be patterns shown in some outcomes."

"Remember that if 25 percent actually are ”hits” then 75 percent doesn’t give you any winning outcomes at all. Those 75 percent equals zero winnings for you, just so you know. And so each ”hit” has its own percentage too within the hit frequency percentage range. This really means that a lot of ”hits” actually are losing spins, even if you win more than zero but below what you are wagering. This also means that what you actually can win above your wager has a very low percentage."

"Then of course there are those slot games called ”MegaWays” and these slot games can have a very large amount of game elements shown for each spin. And if you think it is nearly impossible to spot patterns that you can remember, then you’re probably right about that. But here’s the thing; because there are ways to instead use a program dedicated to find patterns in slot games, this is no problem at all."

"With these silent wars about randomness and other "secrets" about the slot games comes responsibility, and this I am sure is not something the ”slot experts” think about. They wouldn’t even begin to think about what they say about how the slot games function actually can result in death for many slot game players. Even if these ”experts” chose not to tell the real truth, the ”secrets” of how the slots work, they still have a responsibility to ALL slot game players who listen to them. The same goes for the casinos, gaming control boards and all other parts of the casino industry. But as it seems, money is far more important than human lives to the ”experts” and the rest of the casino industry."

Quote: 15(b) of R 432.1839 Board approval

"A random event has a given set of possible outcomes that has a given probability of occurrence called the distribution."

Michigan Gaming Control Board


About this book;

I wrote this book with the gambler in mind because gamblers all over the world are often told "everything is random" and that no "hot"/"cold" Cycles exist. These people who says those things call them selves "Slot Experts", "Game Gurus" and so on, and gamblers believe them, sadly. There is nothing about any server controlled game that is 100% random, it's the other way around. Call it Controlled Randomness and you are closer to the actual truth (see the quote at the top of this page). To take this even further; regarding the "game design" and the so called "PAR sheets", these would almost not be needed either if there was in fact total randomness regarding the outcomes of any game.

Have you ever wondered why you're normally not allowed to record (shoot video) the slots at any landbased Casino? This is because the casinos know that it is possible to reverse engineer, or do what I'm already doing. If the slots were in fact totally random, they wouldn't have to worry at all.

This book describes many technical aspects about slots and other server controlled games for gambling at casinos online and at land based casinos.

You will learn why you should forget about randomness, and start thinking about what really matters. I promise you that how you look at gambling on server controlled games (slots) will change, hopefully for the better. You need to take advantage of what you actually can control, and you will learn how in this book. There's also methods of how to raise your odds while gambling, and you'll learn about how the Random Number Generator actually is used to hide what really is going on.

You will also read about gamblers and what they do right and wrong while playing the slots. For example; gamblers believe turning the volume up to hundred percent will give them a better chance to win the jackpot(s). They all believe "Rapid Fire" spins will make a difference for the better. But think about this for a few seconds; why would any casino or game developer allow gamblers to have any control at all by giving the player options that will benefit the gambler, and not the casino? All options available like "quick spins", "auto spins", "speed settings" are there to make the player lose more money faster, of course. Because there are a lot more of the "below the bet" outcomes during each minute, these options will only make you lose much more than during normal spins. But when you hear "it's all random" all the time, of course you don't see or even think about this, but now you will I'm sure!

The so called slot expert Steve Bourie "American Casino Guide" learned this from my first statistical charts I sent him and from what I wrote, but he calls it "Speed kills" in his video (taking the credit for it as well). At least ONE slot expert learned something, but he also learned from the slot manager Rich Marino that cycles do exist, even if he denied it before his interview with Marino. When Steve Bourie summed up that interview later on, he left out that part regarding the cycles. Why? Too much of the truth maybe?

This is funny when all "slot experts" says there's absolutely no "hot" or "cold" cycles regarding the slots. Even Michael Shackleford "The wizard of odds" says no cycles exist. They seem to have a hard time getting their myths together, and now they don't agree either anymore as it seems. The truth cannot be hidden! There's a lot of information regarding this in the book, and I'm sure you will enjoy reading about it. As for me and what I say; this has shown that what I say is the truth, and I really do wonder how many "slot experts" actually know what they're talking about. This subject about randomness and other functions of slots is absolutely nothing personal regarding the "slot experts", and Steve Bourie has at least shown some interest in learning and/or re-think what he has been told regarding slots.

Of course, like so many other books about slots there's also information about the RNG, P-RNG, RTP, S-RTP, S-HF, House Edge, Hit Frequency and so on. Not only do I describe these things, I also explain how they are used and if it's good or bad for the gambler. But what you probably never heard of is S-RTP and S-HF. It stands for "Session RTP" and "Session Hit Frequency". It's My way as a doctor to find out how a slot is doing during live game play, by collecting, calculating and saving all the values of interest being presented to me, and all in realtime. This is like mirroring the game design. This too will be described in the book.

This book is like no other, because I go against all the rumors spread by these "Slot Experts", "Game Gurus" and others alike, and I will not defend those statements that are being used to hide the truth regarding randomness and payout cycles. In fact I'll do the opposite and prove that payout cycles do exist, and that randomness has nothing to do with what you actually can win, even though it's random in the very last process; your spin. My methods of how to gamble on slots comes from research during real game play online, and it is NOT a "system to beat the slots", because that would be impossible. No, I prefer to call it "Methods of how to gamble" to be able to raise the odds for anyone who try these methods.

There's several reasons to why I call my self... dr.Slots, and if you don't know what I am all about yet, I promise you that soon you will.